Core services 

Who hires a forensic accountant and how can one help you?
  • Forensic accounting

  • Forensic audit

  • Financial investigation

  • Fraud investigation

  • Fraud, AML and BAC risk assessments

  • Due diligence and business intelligence

  • FCPA and other regulatory compliance

Forensic accountants are hired by law firms, accounting firms, law enforcement bodies, government agencies, and organizations' boards and committees who oversee legal, risk, security, ethics, and compliance matters.


Forensic accountants investigate, analyse, interpret, summarise, and present complex financial and non-financial information, so that it can be easily understood. 


Clients can be assisted in several ways: litigation support, disputes, financial intelligence, due diligence, internal misconduct investigations, third party investigations, and regulatory investigations.


Establishing clear expectations with a client's stakeholder group early in the engagement is a key to successful engagements. A forensic accountant will work closely along with their client's investigation team to develop a clear strategy, define objectives, deliverables and achievable timelines. Planning and communication ensure that all stakeholders are informed and agree with the investigation procedures,  to monitor progress and control costs.


Related service areas
  • Pre and post-acquisition due diligence

  • Shareholder and partnership disputes

  • Securities and investment schemes

  • Contract compliance disputes

  • Corporate intelligence

  • Offshore structures

  • Vendor screening

  • Asset tracing